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Manipedicure Kit


Hands and feet require exclusively gentle care. Glamza brings a professional range of manicure and pedicure products to give you a salon like experience. Why wait then? Grab your manicure pedicure kit from Glamza now and give your hands/feet a soothing care treatment.

  • Luxurious skin care
  • Nourish your skin
  • Brighten up hands & feet
  • Deeply cleanse

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Wash your face and cleanse it. Use the professional range with the step wise guide written on the products.

Glamza’s Manipedicure Kit: A Magical Solution

When it comes to nail care, Glamza’s Manicure Pedicure kit is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for. This 6-piece set is your ultimate companion for maintaining those beautiful feet/hands and achieving the perfect pedicure at home. It’s like having a personal spa session right in your living room! Manipedicure Kit is your must have product.

Powerful and Safe Ingredients Will Make Your Skin Glow with Manipedicure Kit

The potent and secure chemicals in Glamza’s kit are what make it so beautiful. The instruments are precision-crafted, professional-grade stainless steel and are built to last. This guarantees that every cut, swipe, and file produces a faultless result without endangering your skin. Not to mention the holographic tools in the box, which give your cosmetic regimen a little more sparkle.

Why Is It Necessary to Take Care of Your Hands and Feet?

When it comes to skincare, our hands and feet are sometimes the body areas that are most disregarded. They put in a lot of effort all day, so treat them well! Regular manicures and pedicures not only maintain your hands/feet neat and healthy but also improve the health of your skin overall, increase blood circulation, and lower stress. Who doesn’t enjoy having their hands and feet freshly groomed?

How to Use Our Manicure Pedicure Kit?

When it comes to skincare, our hands and feet are frequently the most neglected portions of our bodies. They deserve some care because they work so hard all day! In addition to promoting blood circulation, lowering stress levels, and improving the general condition of your skin, routine manicures and pedicures help keep your nails tidy and healthy. Who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of freshly manicured hands and feet?

What Are the Benefits of Using Manicure Pedicure Set?

Utilizing Glamza’s manicure and pedicure kit has numerous advantages. With products made to handle anything from calluses to corns, it’s an all-rounder for the best foot care. It not only keeps your nails tidy and nice, but it also makes your skin feel supple and renewed. The best thing, though? Because of its small size and lightweight, it is simple to transport while traveling.

Why Choose Glamza for Skin Care?

Glamza is more than simply a beauty company; it’s a guarantee of care and quality. Each of our items is meticulously crafted to ensure that it accomplishes its intended function. You’re not simply purchasing a manicure and pedicure kit when you use Glamza; you’re purchasing an entire self-care experience.

What Are the Specifications of Glamza’s Manipedicure Kit?

The 6-piece Manicure Pedicure Set from Glamza comes with Soak, Cleanser, Scrub, Massage, Mask, and Repairing. Each product is made from premium material, guaranteeing its longevity and quality. The gear is portable and lightweight, making it simple to transport. Glamza has your skin care covered whether you’re at home or on the go!


Folks, there you have it! The Manicure Pedicure Kit from Glamza is your one-stop shop for all your nail care requirements. Why then wait? With Glamza, you can say good-bye to pricey salon appointments and hello to gorgeous hands & feet!


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